Loyalty Cards - Cardfix


Loyalty cards are a very important marketing tool for all businesses for brand marketing.

Cardfix loyalty card printing services can include all forms of data and applications on the card such as a magnetic stripe, bar codes, RFID chip cards and variable photo images. We can even provide you with a live sample of your loyalty card to test before finishing your order.
Cardfix offer a total fulfillment with any form of printed matter to compliment your loyalty card. All forms of backing cards or card carriers that are custom made to your shape or size are available.

It is as important to us to make sure when branding your business the product represents your business in the best possible way.

Here at Cardfix we can customise any request to suit your application. There are 3 easy steps:


Cardfix will design your card within hours to your requests.


Once Design is approved the team at Cardfix will manufacture it in the shortest turnaround, with or without personalisation.


Delivery of the finished cards to your door.

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